Cross-functional Effectiveness

Effectiveness of cross-functional teams is a hard challenge for most executives.
It is not easy to have people from different departments (or functions) collaborating effectively on a project.

After the launch meeting of a cross-functional project, do staff continue collaborating? Even when you (the leader) are not present at the meetings?

Have you been able to revamp collaboration in a stalled cross-functional team?

Do people feel they belong to the cross-functional team? Or does their own department monopolise their attention?

Do people really look forward to the next cross-functional team meeting? Or they are perceived as a nuisance?

Now your staff can (with an ExperienTalk™ or an ExperienWork™):

  • First, open the eyes to their own benefits on effective collaboration.

  • Then, receive tools and strategies relevant to their particular team.

  • Finally, get regular individualised reminders (from an external trusted person) to help them be on track with the collaboration in their cross-functional team.

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