Your Corporate Event

Are your regular (or annual) corporate events a waste of time and money? Or are they a successful opportunity to build meaningful relationships?

Do employees think “Oh no! Yet another (boring) event”? Or you can shake their brains, awaken their interest, and spark real change?

Are your corporate events either only “entertainment” or only “serious topics”? Or they can have serious fun and valuable entertainment at the same time?

Have you effectively combined fun and seriousness to anchor a corporate message? Are they open to receive their managers’ reminders about those messages?

Does staff positively remember the event long after “The End”?

Now you can (with an ExperienTalk™):

  • Have a unique event where staff can have fun while receiving serious messages.

  • Deliver bespoke experiences and surprises to your staff.

  • Give staff a souvenir token that they will want to keep, which will remind them of the event’s key messages.

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