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Jordi Robert-Ribes (PhD) enables effective collaboration within companies. He inspires professional connections through his method, Connecting Perspectives. His vision has allowed him to work in various disciplines in different countries.

For over fifteen years he lived in Australia and France working in sectors as diverse as government, consulting, scientific research, telecommunications operators and venture capital. He was advisor for Business Innovation to the Prime Minister of Andorra, was responsible for obtaining capital for Australian companies, and was R&D Manager at Singapore Telecom Optus in Australia.

Dr. Robert-Ribes coined the term “bridge building” to symbolise the development of relationships between members of different teams or departments.

He has developed his own methodology, Connecting Perspectives, which features in his book Connecting Forward as well as in his hands-on performances (ExperienTalks™) delivered at companies such as Movistar, Thomson Reuters and Johan Cruyff Foundation, among others, and taught at internationally renowned universities such as London School of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sydney University and IE Business School. He has also participated in a TEDx conference.

He holds a PhD in Telecommunications and a postgraduate diploma in Financial Management. He also participated in executive education programs at Harvard Business School and the Australian Venture Capital Association.

He currently focuses on disseminating his method, Connecting Perspectives. With his hands-on performances, workshops and customised individual sessions he provides tools that inspire people to collaborate effectively. He offers conferences aimed at companies and universities seeking ways to increase their business opportunities. He delivers internationally in English, French and Spanish.