Audio-visual and room requirements

Jordi will be delighted to work with you to achieve maximum impact with your audience. You will find below the items that will help achieving it.

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Laptop, projector and sound

VGA_jackJordi will connect his own laptop to your projector (via 15-pin VGA male cable which you provide) and your sound system (via cable 3.5mm male jack which you provide). Sound should be audible from the whole room as he uses music and sounds extensively during the performance.

If possible, Jordi prefers having his laptop on stage (as a confidence monitor).


Jordi prefers a tie-lapel wireless microphone. Please let us know should your microphone be of another type. Handheld microphones are better avoided.

Audience space

If the audience is standing (as often happens in the ExperienTalk Express), please ensure that there is ample space for them to move around when required during the performance.

If the audience is seating, please ensure that they can stand up, move around and change seats when required during the performance. Should the seating disposition be fixed or theatre style, please let us know so that Jordi can adapt accordingly the planned interactions between the audience.


The whole of the screen should be fully visible for everyone in the audience. Please let us know if this is not the case, so that Jordi can adapt the visual materials accordingly.

Live check

Jordi will arrive early in order to ensure that equipment works as planned. Please ensure that there is some time allocated for him to do such checking when the room is not used by other events or sessions.