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Team Bridging Program™

Are you leading a team located in multiple sites?
Does your company have great departments but lacks synergies between them?
Is your merger or acquisition (M&A) not delivering the expected interactions?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions,
you will benefit from the Team Bridging Program.

You will get tools and strategies to:

  • Build collaborative bridges between departments.
  • Get your staff to build their own bridges.
  • Decrease staff turnover and increase talent retention.
  • Reduce work unhappiness and spread peace in the workplace.

You participate in the Team Bridging Program from the convenience of your own office.

You will devote a total of eight hours: 3.5 hours of work at your own pace plus 4.5 hours (3 x 1.5) at the three live-online experiential sessions (fun and hard work!).

What you’ll do

Open the eyes (1st session)

    • Set your own objective
    • The Connecting Perspectives Wheel
    • On the importance of distance
    • Trust versus Reputation
    • Fix your own goal for the week

Distance and Culture (2nd session)

    • Avoid echo chambers but use common terminology
    • Practice listening techniques
    • Cultural stereotypes and stigmas
    • Cross-cultural collaborative relationships
    • Overcome the distance challenge

Consolidate (3rd session)

    • Should you schedule the maintenance?
    • Prepare for that infrequent face-to-face meeting
    • The importance of sharing a virtual coffee
    • Keep using your bridges between departments
    • Prepare your full personal plan

Dr Robert-Ribes facilitates personally all sessions.

In-company only

The TBP is now only offered in-company (instead of open program to the general public).
This allows Connecting Perspectives to offer a tailored service to each company, adapting to their needs to the smallest detail.

Should you wish to benefit from such in-company distant sessions, please let us know and we will be delighted to find a suitable date and start customising the program to your needs. Write us to:


“Thank you! That was exciting and great experience.”
Legal Counsel, Thomson-Reuters

“You have met and exceeded all of our expectations”.
Executive at Ministry of Economy UAE

“It was an awesome experience!”
Executive at Westford School of Management

“It was very useful. Food for thought.”
Director at E&G Solicitors