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Your Goal

  • Specific actions to put into practice.
  • Guidance on how to set up a long-term strategy.
  • Directions to decide on the different tactics to take.
  • Follow-up on your progress.
  • Executives or team leaders of medium and large companies.

One-to-One is an individual program for executives wishing faster progress towards their objective of connecting different perspectives (either theirs or the staff’s ones).

Each One-to-One Step requires 2h30 of your work and comprises:

  • your own work (1h-1h30) using a questionnaire to help in your reflection,
  • twenty minutes of individual session via videoconference, and
  • follow-up via email to ensure that you achieve the goals which we set during the session.

One-to-One Step

Ideal if you are an executive who wants specific guidance on a specific issue.

It is a single step, which includes (as detailed above):

  • Your own work (1h-1h30) with a questionnaire.
  • Twenty minutes of individual session.
  • Unlimited follow-up via email.

Your investment: 200€.

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One-to-One Monthly

Ideal for you, the executive who wants to achieve steady progress.

It includes a monthly One-to-One Step.

Your investment: 150€/monthly (you can cancel your subscription at any time).

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One-to-One Premium

Ideal if you are an executive facing a challenge and wishing to progress fast.

It includes up to 4 One-to-One Steps per month.

You should be prepared to put the required time and effort.

Your investment: 450€/monthly (you can cancel your subscription at any time).

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