Connecting Forward

llibreAdvanced networking for executives changing jobs, company, industry or country. Connecting Forward focuses on networking into a new environment.

The book will improve and fine-tune your networking techniques, helping you to advance your career or develop your business when working in a new environment – whether that is a new role, company, industry or country.

The book is organised around 33 stand-alone tips, which makes it very easy to use.

  • The core principle of the book is that all the tips given can be applied immediately.
  • Connecting Forward also contains real case studies of people who have “already made it” which provide you with extra perspective.

Connecting Forward; Jordi Robert-Ribes, Matador Publishing, ISBN: 978-1780880495

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Networking, Gestionando relaciones interpersonales

This is the Spanish translation of Connecting Forward. It is published by Profit Editorial.

Networking; Jordi Robert-Ribes, Profit Editorial, ISBN: 978-8415330509

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