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  • How to build trust between employees in remote physical locations
  • Alter workspace arrangement to turn competition into collaboration
  • Embrace cross-cultural differences to benefit your company
  • Effective active listening techniques for colleagues
  • Improve collaboration before, during, and after a merger or acquisition
  • Anchor a bespoke corporate message.
  • Shake brains, awaken interest, spark change.
  • Deliver serious fun and valuable entertainment.
  • Create meaningful connections across organisation.
  • Have staff remember the event long after “The End”.
  • Insert a fun, but serious, interlude within a dense program.
  • Medium to large companies ready to enjoy real collaboration.
  • Trade associations wanting to depart from the “same old format” for your annual convention.

Potential topics or titles:

  • Break our company’s silos
  • Increase our multi-team collaboration
  • Discover new profit opportunities across teams

A full experience with an interactive format full of surprises that keep the audience engaged all way long.

Regular individualised follow-up.

  • Independent events or part of a full convention.
  • From a 20-minutes ExperienTalk™ Express (TED-like experience) to one full hour ExperienTalk™.
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