Happy Workplaces May Hide Silos

Workplace Silos

Are you sure your workplace is truly happy?

A seemingly happy office is not necessarily a truly happy office. We cannot always see the true nature of social relationships in a workplace environment, yet they play a huge role in the productivity of our businesses.

I recently had meeting with 15 people from different departments of one client’s business. The office itself was beautifully designed; open plan, lots of natural light, fruit baskets dotted all over the place, even a running track on the perimeter. On the surface there was a great atmosphere.

During the meeting staff sat “clustered” by department, although they were not asked to do so, and body language hinted toward the existence of silos. Through off-the-record discussions after the meeting I heard complaints of silos from several individuals. A happy office on the surface actually hid a complex social issue that was no doubt holding the company back.

In order to develop effective collaboration in a workplace you need real rooted happiness. Such happiness can only be achieved with better internal collaboration and bridge building, beyond team building, which can break down silos and foster organisational collaboration.

Through our leadership and management courses we enable trustful collaboration, helping our clients create sustainable change in their businesses. We identify barriers to organisational development and apply simple strategies to create happier, more collaborative and more productive workplaces.

Make sure your workplace is truly happy.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/happy-workplaces-may-hide-silos-jordi-robert-ribes